Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Johnny Appleseed Day!


September 26th is Johnny Appleseed Day.
Johnny Appleseed was a kind and thoughtful man who loved to plant apples all over the Midwest. He was a man with very little and still had a caring heart. First Grade enjoyed some apples for snack and listened to the read aloud! We also had a discussion about why it is important to stay kind and humble even if you do not have nice things.

Sweet Sally Sunshine

First Grade remembers

 Sweet Sally Sunshine

On Friday, September 21, 2018, our school honored Sweet Sally Sunshine, a Bay Ridge resident who lost her 6 long year battle with leukemia. With September being Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and Sweet Sally being 6 years old… this day meant a lot to our class. Together, we wore GOLD to remember Sweet Sally and to bring awareness to Pediatric Cancer. 
The girls also wanted to extend their love and prayers to the family of Sweet Sally. 
We signed a card for her family sending our condolences. 

We Love Reading Workshop!

Reading Workshop

This is a time for the girls to learn new reading skills and strategies while they read. 
I love creating a fun and comfortable learning environment for my first graders.
The girls really enjoy using pillows, sitting at the library table, and reading with their
 Reading Partners.
September 18-September 21

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our Classroom, Our "2nd Home"

Our Classroom, Our "2nd Home"

  • Today I taught the girls that our classroom is a special place. I want them to be comfortable and feel safe at all times! We discussed our Classroom Rules together. We have 5 rules: (1) Listen to the speaker (2) Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat (3) Always be honest (4) Be a caring friend (5) Always try your best. 

  • We learned how we can be safe in the hallway and in other rooms around the school. Our safety is very important, especially during emergencies. We discussed how First Grade is really fun and is filled with lots of learning and responsibilities! Together we made a chart on what first graders CAN, HAVE, ARE, WILL and NEED. These are the girls' answers!

  • WE LOVE OUR NEW CLASSROOM!  We walked around and explored our Math Center, Classroom Library, Morning Meeting Area, and other places. We also are learning how to share and communicate with our friends at our table. There are so many exciting things! New books, new desks, new cubbies and more! 

Our 1st Day of First Grade

Excited for First Grade !

We had the BEST DAY EVER! We took a tour of our classroom, browsed our new books, put away all of our supplies, spoke about our favorite things and shared our summer fun! We also had fun coloring and making cards for our Mommy's and Daddy's! We are so excited to learn & grow!!

I am so blessed and excited to have these lovely girls as my students. I can't wait to help them shine and blossom. Love, Ms. DiCostanzo